What Is a G9 Bulb?

G9 Light bulbs for home pageWith the passage of time, every aspect of our life has improved, thanks in large to newer technologies. Appliances, gadgets and other devices have made life more convenient and much more efficient. There are devices that have been largely neglected in this rapid progress; one of them is the bulb. They have remained the same throughout the decades, their shapes and functions have remained similar for all these years; this was true, until G9 bulbs were introduced.

G9 Bulbs

You may be wondering ‘what is a G9 bulb?’ the right answer to this question would be, ‘G9s are the bulbs of the future’. When you first look at a G9’s design, you may immediately think that it is something right out of science fiction as it does not look like any kind of light source at all. These halogen creations are completely different than traditional lights, both in looks and in functionality. They do not have the common screw-in base; instead, the G9s have two looped metal prongs for accessing electricity.

There is one similarity that G9s have with classic lights; they are available in different wattage options, just like the bulbs of old. G9s can easily be recognized because of their out-of-the-box shapes and the lack of ‘Edison’ sockets. The prongs of a G9 halogen bulb can only be fixed in a standard halogen fixture. The investment you make in swapping the traditional sockets to halogen sockets will eventually help you cut your electricity bill significantly.

The Advantages

The most prominent benefit of using G9s is that they are highly energy efficient. They utilize a mix of processes that consume very little electricity, but deliver the same amount of light. Another benefit of using G9s is their longevity; a G9 can last much longer than a traditional bulb. They come in varying sizes, so they can be used in any kind of setting. They can be used in lamps and wall sockets in your home, and the larger G9s can be used in industrial settings as well.

Inner Workings

G9 bulbs are commonly made up of a tungsten filament and a halogen based fill gas. The tungsten in them lasts longer because of the presence of halogen gases. G9s are also available in LED alternatives; these are even more energy efficient and cost effective than their halogen counterparts.


The whole process of halogen cycle requires G9s to reach the temperature of 121 centigrade. So, they are very hot and must not be touched after being used. But this risk is mitigated when you buy a LED version of a G9 instead.


The G9 halogen bulbs are most commonly used in consumer appliances, which require smaller lights. They are also ideal for accent lighting and are often used in lamps and desk lights.

Whether you select a halogen G9 or a LED G9, you will be getting an energy efficient, long lasting and affordable alternative to traditional light sources. Now that you know what a G9 bulb is, you may be thinking about switching to it; all you have to do is find the right place to buy G9 bulbs.

The halogen bulbs like led g4 12v are an excellent option for people who are looking to cut down their electricity bills. Before replacing your bulbs, it is highly advisable to consult the right vendors through online forums and sites.

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