E14 Light Bulb: LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent

The extensive selection of light bulbs available today can be quite overwhelming. LED bulbs have gained popularity not
only because of the current technology it holds, but for its high performance and energy saving qualities. It has been even more enhanced by being made affordable, making it a purchase of truly great value, such as what we offer. You surely want to get the most practical in terms of energy efficiency, cost, and of course, what’s best for your family. Enkonn E14 light bulbs are suitable for family use and brings a lot of benefits and convenience within the home. It also works great around the office or business establishments for good, high-quality lighting.

LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent

Halogen bulbs, like LEDs, are also widely recognized, however, the question arises as to how eco friendly it is and how long it holds up to your standards. Most probably, you have halogen lamps at home and notice that it could get pretty hot during use even in just short periods of time. To top it off, halogens could be in need of replacements almost regularly. Hence, it is preferable to have them replaced with E14 15W LED bulbs which are environmentally friendly, energy and cost-efficient at the same time, allowing you to save incredibly up to 90% of electric lighting bills. These types of bulbs produce very little heat which also helps elicit a cooler atmosphere at home yet still have nicely lit areas with a more natural-looking light. It is highly adaptable too, making it suitable for any room in the house for a lovely ambiance in a glowing home interior. It is often used as decorative fittings, chandeliers, and spotlights. Our 30W LED lamps are the best alternatives to incandescent bulbs with a significantly longer lifespan, eliminating frequent replacements while maintaining its brightness for long term use. Both E14 15W and 30W lamps would fit fairly easily onto your existing light fixtures and are guaranteed durable, stable and reliable.

Enkonn ensures your safety with certified 15W E14 LED halogen replacements and 30W E14 light bulbs that are non-hazardous. Switching to our LED bulbs prove to be a wise investment that will serve its purpose well for years to come. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for inquiries and we’ll be happy to help you sort everything out on lighting concerns, whether at home or at your business. Rest assured that you will be provided with the best products that will meet your needs.