High Power COB-LED 300x300

What is the difference between SMD and COB LED lights

1. Brief development of LED for illumination Generally Speaking, LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. 1.1 DIP The first LED designed for illumination was the dual in-line package (DIP) LED, which is also called a “straw hat LED.” Its light efficiency was relatively low at that time – only about 4-5 lumen per unit or 0.05-0.08 […]

How to judge the Heat sink Performance of a LED lamps

How to judge the Heat sink Performance of a LED lamps?

inspect illumination changes within 30 minutes. (An illumination measurement in 30 minutes) To judge whether heat sink performance of a LED lamp is good or not, the most direct method is to measure the temperature of led chips when the lamp is on whose technical term is “junction temperature”, and obviously it is only a theory. Maybe […]

what is G9 bulb

What Is a G9 Bulb?

With the passage of time, every aspect of our life has improved, thanks in large to newer technologies. Appliances, gadgets and other devices have made life more convenient and much more efficient. There are devices that have been largely neglected in this rapid progress; one of them is the bulb. They have remained the same […]


Why Choose Our G4 12V LED Lamps

There is no denying the fact that more and more customers are shifting towards LED lamps because of the obvious advantages associated with it. They are extremely environment friendly and are also very energy efficient. We are a reputed manufacturer of G4 12V LED lamps. Our lamps are used across many applications and it is […]


Why should you use G9 light bulb?

The G9 light bulbs are used in households that are looking for low power consuming lighting solution for their home. They are also used extensively as down light or spotlight bulbs in offices and other commercial places because they are durable and reduce utility bills. These heavy-duty bulbs are exquisite products that are designed to […]


E14 Light Bulb: LED vs Halogen vs Incandescent

The extensive selection of light bulbs available today can be quite overwhelming. LED bulbs have gained popularity not only because of the current technology it holds, but for its high performance and energy saving qualities. It has been even more enhanced by being made affordable, making it a purchase of truly great value, such as […]


What Makes A G4 LED Bulb The Perfect Replacement For A Halogen Bi-Pin G4 Base Bulb?

12-Volt Halogen Bi-Pin G4 Base bulbs have long been touted as functional lights that offer considerable energy savings. No doubt, the sparking white light that these halogen capsules produce tends to be ideal for landscape and task lighting. However, ultimately they are still halogen bulbs, which means that they operate at a very high temperature […]


6 Right Ways to Replace G4 halogen with G4 LED capsule

The G4 lamps are types of the bi-pin or two-pin standard, defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These types of lamps have two pins at the input. The number 4 in the name indicates the center-to-center distance between two pins, which is 4mm in this type. The alphabet G is used to indicate that the […]


4 Suggestions For Improving Performance of Heat Radiation for LED Lighting

The lifespan of a LED lighting depends greatly on the amount of heat level, by virtue making of advancement of the heat level is one the vital technologies. However there are complex issues when it comes to solving of problems related to heat generated by the cheap over the heat sink, and that of cooling […]


Decorative Mood Light RGB led home light 3W

Decorative Mood Light RGB led NEW Decorative Mushroom Light (Mood Light RGB led) for dealer or wholesale market, RGB Control, CE & RoHS certificates, 2 years warranty, Color Box or customized LOGO supported. Features  New exquisite shape design  Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz  Light source: High Power RGB LED  Wonderful color changing effect with RGB controller  True […]


Price of LED and incandescent will be very similar in 2020

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (U.S. Energy Information Administration) estimates that by 2020 LED bulbs , fluorescent or incandescent bulbs spread almost very similar. When , as energy standards continue to improve , incandescent bulbs will not meet the energy saving effect since been eliminated.


Application of led corn lights

Application of led corn lights

led corn lights are ideal lighting fixture for warehouse or storage area such as factory workshop, warehouse and garden streets